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Which is the biggest game in the world?

If you are a fan of games, then you must know that which is the best game in the world?

You must have played many games in the journey of your life. Today there are many such games whose people are crazy and to play those games, they are engaged on mobile and computer day and night.

The games played in the world include many car racing games, many sports games, and many ghost and action games. The list of such games is being told to you.

In this article you are being told about “Which is the biggest game in the world“. So I request you to read this article till the end so that you can get complete information about it.

What is game?

It is a program created by the computer which gives you many easy and great features. The user interface is added to the program made by the computer and accordingly you use it in your mobile and computer.

That program is called a game. Such types of games are played only in mobile and computer. Apart from this, there are many other types of games which you also play.

Types of Game

Well, there are many types of games like

  1. Indoor game – Games that are played in a closed field. In these games, there are many games like carrom, chess, etc., which you can play sitting at one place. Similar games are called indoor games.
  2. Outdoor games – Games that are played in the open field, such games are called outdoor games. Such games include cricket, football, volleyball etc. Although hollyball can also be an indoor game if a separate closed ground is made for it.
  3. Digital Games – Games that are played on mobile and computer are called digital games. These types of games are also similar to indoor games. Only the player is enough to play them, such games include all those computer games like card games, cricket games etc.

Biggest Game

By the way, all the games played in the world are big that we play or see others playing. But there are also some games which are very big in themselves and people become fans of those games only by the name of them.

You are being told about the list of big games which are as follows.

Most Played Indoor Games

Before knowing about indoor games, it is important to know that this game can be played sitting at any one place, while such games can also be played with the team in closed rooms. Following are some of these games in the list of such games.

  • Card games – This is a game that everyone likes to play. According to the rules, 4 people play this game together but in some circumstances it can be played by 2 people or even 3 people together. This game can be played sitting anywhere.
  • Carrom game – This game can also be played sitting at the same place. 4 people are required to play this game. 2 people can play this game simultaneously. The main goal of this game is to get the queen.
  • Indoor swimming – This is a game that can be played in indoor as well as outdoor. This game requires a swimming pool in which all gamers can swim. Whoever comes first in this game is declared the winner.

Most Played Outdoor Games

These are games that players play outside on the open field. Teams may also be required to play such games. Such games include cricket, football etc. To play such games, some important rules also have to be followed which are related to that game.

  • Cricket Game – This game is the biggest game in indoor games. 2 teams are required to play this game in which there are 11 players in each team. A large and open field is required to play this game. The team that scores more runs in this game wins.
  • Football – This game is included in the category of outdoor games. An open field is also required to play this game. In this game also 2 teams are required which are engaged in a competition to score more goals than each other.
  • Riding games – Such games require an open field along with an open path. To play such a game, at least one bike, car, horse is required. In such a game they have a race, whoever crosses the line first wins.

Most Played Digital Games

There are also some games that we play on computer or mobile, all those games are called digital games. In the list of such games, you have been told about some easy and great games which are as follows.

  • Pubg – This is an action game played in groups of 4 people. In this game, the user is sent to an Ireland from where and fights with other 96 people, he finds them and kills them. The one who survives till the end of this game is called the winner in this game. This game is considered to be the biggest game and you have to loot many types of weapons in this game.
  • Free Fire – This game is also an action game like PUBG. This game gets a chance to play with 50 people. In this game also you have the same like pubg and not only this, it is also more great than pubg game. This game can also be played in a group of 4 people. Ever since the PUBG game has been banned in India, the demand for this game is increasing a lot and not only this, people are also liking this game.
  • Online Cricket Game – Nowadays the era of online cricket game is also increasing a lot. In such a situation, if you are fond of playing this game online as well as on computer or mobile, then you will know how great this game is. In this game you get the feel of real cricket game. In this, you can play by batting and you can also play by bowling.
  • Online Racing game – If you are fond of racing games, then you can play this game online as well. If you play this game on mobile then for that you have to install this game on your mobile. You can play this game on computer or laptop also.
  • Vice City V – The real fun of playing real life game on computer comes in this game. You can play this game only on computer or laptop. This game is also very popular among people and sports fans today.


In this article, you have been told about the world’s most spectacular and biggest and most played games. All of these games are more than one great game.

The list of those great games has been given to you above. Hope you liked this article.

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