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What is Ration Card and Website to view Ration Card?

That is why in today’s article we will tell what is ration card and which is the website to see ration card? Today all the people of India must have heard the name of ration card but not everyone has much information about it such as

  • What is Ration Card
  • How many types are these
  • How to make ration card
  • What documents are needed to make it

Ration card is a document approved by the Government of India, with the help of which people coming below the poverty line of BPL are able to buy food grains, kerosene, pulses etc. at subsidized prices. This card has been started by the Government of India mainly for the poor people, which can also be used as an identity card and address.

Many similar questions which remain in the minds of people today, people keep searching on Google to know how to apply for it, what would be its importance.

If you are reading this post, then of course you will also be unaware of the important document like ration card and want to know about it.

So you are reading the right post because today you are going to get information about almost everything related to ration card in this post which is going to be very important for all the citizens of India.

If you live in India and do not get more information about ration card, then read the post till the end till the end:

What is Ration Card?

Ration card is such an important document, with the help of which any common citizen of India can buy ration such as wheat, rice, oil, sugar etc. at a reasonable price from a government shop or food depot.

This card is issued by the state government according to the public distribution system in the name of the head of the family of his state who is financially poor. In this ration card, the name of all the members of the family is issued.

Ration is not limited to just buying ration at reasonable prices but now it has become a very important document. It is used extensively for ID proof. Along with this, ration is used a lot for many government schemes and many works of the person.

This is the reason that today it is very important to have an important document like ration card. There are mainly three types of ration cards, about which we will know below.

Types of Ration Card

At present, 3 types of cards are issued by the government. The government provides this card to different people according to their annual income, which is as follows:

BPL Ration Card

This ration card is issued by the state government in the name of the head of such family of its state. Those who are living their life below the poverty line. This card is issued when the person’s annual income is 27000 or less.

APL Ration Card

This ration card is issued by the state government for such a person who is living his life above the poverty line.

Any citizen of the state can apply for this card because no income certificate is required to make this card.

Antyodaya Ration Card

This tax is issued by the state government in the name of the head of such families who are unable to maintain their family even in their annual income.

About 35 kg ration is given on Antyodaya ration card at Rs.3 per kg.

Eligibility for ration card

Any common citizen of India who does not already have silk card can apply for ration card. But for getting a ration card, it is very important to have some important documents which are mentioned below.

Ration card can be easily made if the documents given below are there.

Documents required for making ration card

If your ration card has not been made yet and you want to make it, then you must have the documents given below.

If you have the following documents, then only you can get the ration card issued by the government and take advantage of the ration card:

  • Aadhar Card
  • 3 Passport photos of the head of the family
  • Bank account
  • Electricity bill
  • Passport
  • Voter id
  • PAN card
  • Identity card

How to apply for Ration Card?

Ration card has become a very important document today that instead of giving importance to the ration card. If you have not got the ration card made, then you must get the ration card made, now we will read about how you can get it made.

Ration card can be made in two ways, first online second offline, we have told step by step about both the methods below, you can apply your ration card very easily by following the method which you find easy.

How to apply ration card online:-

If you want to apply online ration card then follow the steps given below:

First of all, you have to go to the official website of the Food and Logistics Department of the state in which you live.
As soon as you come to the home page of the website, you have to select the language of your choice here, Hindi, English one.

Next here you will be asked some important information which is as follows:

  • District Name
  • Field name
  • Town name
  • Gram Panchayat name

After filling all the information asked above, select the category of ration card you want to apply for.
In the same way, you will be asked for some more information such as

  • Aadhar card of the head of the family
  • Voter id
  • Bank account
  • PAN card
  • Mobile number
  1. After filling the above-given information correctly, the final form has to be submitted.
  2. In this way you can apply for ration card by following the above given information.
  3. In a few days your ration card will arrive at your given address.

How to apply offline ration card?

If you want to make your ration card offline, then by following the steps given below, you can easily apply for ration card in offline mode also.

  1. If you want to make an offline ration card, then you have to go to the circle office in your state where you get the form to make a ration card.
  2. You may also have to pay some fee for taking the form.
  3. After taking the form from the office, fill all the information asked in the form and also put the photo in it.
  4. After filling all the information correctly, submit the form to the circle office.
  5. The ration card will come within 1 month after the completion of the process of submitting the form to the office, which you can get at the circle office.

Importance of ration card

Ration is very important in India, you can buy ration at cheap prices with the help of this ration card. Apart from this, the ration card is used a lot for ID proof today. Whether it is getting a passport or a driving license made, ration card is used a lot in civilized today.

In such a situation, a ration card is a very important document of any person in India. If you have not made it yet, then by following the information given above, make sure to get your ration card made.

Benefits of ration card

Ration card is an important document about which we have already known in detail above, so that you can get an idea of ​​how important this document is and you must have understood well the benefits of this one card.

But still we have told below about some of the benefits of having a ration card which are as follows:

  • Ration card can be used to buy subsidized food items like wheat, rice, oil etc. at cheap prices.
  • Ration card can be used to open a bank account.
  • Ration card can be used as an ID proof.
  • You can do this for getting a passport, driving license.
  • Ration card is used for gas connection.
  • Ration card is used for government schemes.

In short

After reading the information given about the ration card, you must have come to know that how important it has become for a citizen of India to have a ration card. In such a situation, we would only ask you to get your ration card made so that you can take advantage of the schemes given by the government.

Today, such families of India, who are mainly poor, must get this ration card made by following the steps given above. So friends, this was our today’s article in which we have discussed What is Ration Card and what are the types of ration cards.

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