What is My LIVE location? How Find Your Location

People use many methods to check location, if you also want to learn how to check location, then this article is for you, today we will tell you how to know what is my live location. Is?

Often people go where they use Google or any other method to know the location of that place. Sometimes people also find out the location of their house through the net. If you also want to learn to find out the location, then you must read the whole article.

How to Find Location

Below we are going to tell you different ways to know your live location:

With help of Google Map:

Many people find their location from the Google app, sometimes it happens that people leave for some other state and if they do not know the address of that state, then they search the location of that state through Google Map. And then reach that state according to the location given by Google Map.

To find your location from Google Map, you will first have to either go to the website or use the app already present in your phone.

When you open it, a blue GPS symbol will appear in the corner. As soon as you touch it, you will also see the name of the places around it along with the location.

Find Location from WhatsApp:

To find out the location from WhatsApp, the following are the steps that you have to follow:-

You can open WhatsApp chat of any close person in your phone with whom you can share your location.

After doing this, click on the option with the file attachment appearing.

As soon as you click on the attachment icon, many options come down in which you have to click on the option showing the location.

As soon as you click on the location, some options will appear in which you have to click on the location that you see live. After this you can share your location.

With this, not only the person in front but you will also know your location.

Location from Railway Station:

If you are traveling by railway and you want to know where you are now, then there are two ways to know it. The train often stops for a short time at different stations, there are boards. You will know where you are from the name written on it.

Another way is, to know the location of the train, you have to know the train number, only then you will be able to find the location of the train.

If you do not have the train number, then you can get the number of that train from Google, you will be able to find the location of that train from the train number itself.

If you want to know the train location, then first you have to go to the Chrome browser of your phone.

As soon as you open the Chrome browser, you will have to search by typing train live status.

As soon as you search by typing train live status in Chrome browser, you will see many links in which you have to go to this website

As soon as you click on the website, a home page will open in which you will have to enter the train number and a date on which you will travel by train.

After doing this, click on Get Running Status.

After doing all these procedures, you will see all the details of that train like what is the name of that train?, where is that train at present? And at which station will that train stop now? And from where to where will this train travel?

You will get all these information during these activities, thus you can check your location while sitting in the train.

Know your Live location from the Location Board

You must have seen green or blue boards on the way, every location located at a distance is written on it. And which state or district you are in, it is also written in big letters on the board. For example, if you are in Ranchi, then enter here, a board will appear, on which “Welcome to Ranchi” is written.

Somewhere instead of the board, there are also milestones. On which the name of the place or the name of the place falling ahead is written along with its distance.

How to see location from nearby shop?

If you want to see your location from the nearby shop, then you can find out by reading the address written under the poster near the shop.

Each shop has its own poster under which the name of the place is written. If you want to know the location from the nearby shop, then you can find out by reading the address written in the poster.

When people go to some other place and they do not know the location or area there, they often read the address written in the poster above the shop and know the name of the area and its related information. The address written in the poster in the shop makes it easy for many travelers to know the location.

When there was no means of internet, people used to know the location by reading the address written in this way, but since the facilities of internet have come, people mostly find the location through the net.

But there are still many people who go to a place where the area is not known, then they often find out by looking at the address written in the posters of the shops.

Mobile app to know live location:

There are many mobile apps through which we can track the location:-

1. Live Location

With this app you will know your live location. First of all install it in your phone, then allow permission. Your location should also be turned on in this.

Now enter your email and number and set it, then you can know your live location with one touch whenever you want. For this, you just touch the circle on the center, you will get the name of the place along with the map.

In this app, you also get information about live location, GPS time, number locator, find address and live weather.

2. GPS Location Finder

With this, not only you can know the location of your own but also your family. You must have a phone in which GPS works, install this app. After that, turn on your GPS as soon as you leave the house, then wherever you go, you will continue to get location information through the map in that app.

In this, you can also create a group of your family, from where you will get the location of other members as well.

3. My Location

This app is the best app ever, it gives you the latitude and longitude along with your current location. With this the full address of that place also comes. You can also see your exact location from satellite map.

At the end of the day, where you have gone throughout the day, all that comes in the form of a list. If you want, you can also save the location or address of a particular place, so that you can use it further.

4. My GPS Location

This app is also very helpful to know your location, here you can also get your speed and accuracy from the overview. After that the next option is the map, from there where you are standing now and which building or place is nearby, everything comes.

You can set it according to My GPS setting, from there the coordinate format, map type, length, speed are all set. Apart from this, as long as you are passing through that new place, either you can keep the app on till then such option is also available.

5. Mobile Number Locator

In hearing, this app seems to be locating the number, but you can get your location as well as the location of your contact with this. In this, you just have to enter your number and then with the help of GPS, this app will tell you the exact location.

If someone’s call is also coming, then from which place it is, what is the name, it will also tell everything. And you can also check by entering someone’s number where that person is.


People use different methods to find out their location, by checking the location, people travel easily from one place to another without asking anyone. This facility has been made possible through the Internet, which was not available some time ago.

At that time people used to go from one place to another by asking each other, but ever since the facilities of finding location through internet have come to the fore, people travel without asking anyone by locating the location through the map.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article of ours and you have to ask your question What is my live location? The answer has also been found, for which we have told about many ways. If you liked this post, then do share it with your friends also.


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