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What is Global Warming and its causes?

Global warming is the continuous warming of the Earth’s climate system since the early industrial period due to human activities. Mainly by burning fossil fuels, which increases the level of heat-holding greenhouse gas in the Earth’s atmosphere.

We often see from place to place these days that the government keeps on running tree plantation programs so that there is greenery in the environment. But have you ever tried to know what is the damage due to the reduction of the tree.

What is Global Warming (What is Global Warming in Hindi) will be known through this post today and we will also discuss about its reason. We will also take information about how to stop global warming so that it can be avoided and how to protect the environment from its ill effects.

20-30 years ago the change of seasons in the earth used to happen with time, but you will also agree that it is not so today. The rainy season now neither comes on time nor does it rain on time.

Neither the cold season nor the summer season is regular. Where there is less cold there is more cold and where there is more cold there is less cold.

There is only one thing behind all this, which is most important, that is the reduction of trees and that is why in this post we will talk about what is the reason for global warming and what are the consequences. It is also important to know what are the ways by which global warming can be stopped, so let’s know the meaning of global warming in hindi language in detail.

Introduction to Global Warming

The earth is continuously heating up. Since 1880, the land and oceans on our earth are getting warmer and its speed is also increasing.

So we call this warming process of the earth as global warming. We also know global warming as climate change.

Climate change means the change in the temperature of the Earth’s climate.

Definition of Global Warming – The increase in the average surface temperature of the earth due to greenhouse gas is called global warming.

When carbon dioxide is released from the burning of fossil fuels or trees are cut, then the greenhouse effect does not allow the heat of the earth to go out of it and remains on it. Due to which its temperature increases.

The problem of global warming is mainly due to too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which does not allow the heat to go out from our house. Can’t get out

When we burn fossil fuels like oil, coal, natural gas, burn forests to do agriculture, it generates a lot of carbon dioxide which covers the surface of the earth like a sheet layer and heats up. She remains imprisoned inside.

Earth’s climate change is expected to increase from 0.3 to 1.7 degrees in a normal way and from a maximum of 2.6 to 48 degrees. This reading is recorded by the national science academies of the major industrialized nations.

In the coming time, climate change will be different according to the place. Due to this change the sea level will rise and deserts will spread.

Causes of Global Warming

We ourselves are the biggest cause of global warming, that is, we humans have continuously heated it to meet our needs around the world.

Burning Fossil Fuel

When we burn fossil fuels like coal, gas to generate electricity to run our vehicles, we ourselves create a lot of CO2 and spread it in our environment.

Australia is the country in the world that produces the most CO2 compared to all other countries. Compared to other countries, there is twice the production of CO2 per capita.

The main reason for the production of electricity is the formation of carbon dioxide. Most of the electricity is produced by burning coal, which generates a lot of carbon dioxide.

After this, most of the CO2 is formed by burning the gases. Some renewable energy sources such as solar, hydro and wind do not create carbon.

Arrangement of food is most important for human life. Every person makes arrangements for his food in some form or the other from these trees and plants.

Some animals that humans eat also survive by eating trees and plants. For cultivation, trees and plants from the forests are cut and cleared in a very large area.

In order to make agricultural land, people even set fire to the forests so that the land can be completely cleared. We all know that forest fires prove to be very terrible and cause a lot of damage to the environment as well as a lot of carbon dioxide is also released from this fire.

Every part of the earth has population. People have to do agriculture so that they can grow grains like wheat, rice and maize etc. to supply their food items.

But people do not think even once that it is also necessary to maintain balance. One cannot even imagine how harmful it is to burn forests like this.

When a plant is removed or burned, the carbon in it is released into the environment in the form of CO2, which promotes global warming.

1/5th of the greenhouse gas produced in global warming is formed due to deforestation.

Clearing of forests – Deforestation

Trees and plants absorb carbon dioxide in our atmosphere and release oxygen. We all have been studying these since childhood from school time. They maintain the balance of the atmosphere. That is why trees and plants are the most valuable for human life.

We humans clear the forests to meet our needs, whether it is for farming or cutting wood for sale, for setting up a city or for setting up industries.

In any case, the cutting of trees invites global warming. Due to the cutting of such a huge number of trees, the ratio of the carbon dioxide that trees absorb and the oxygen they release into the environment in return, is becoming very different.

Now carbon dioxide is increasing and oxygen is decreasing due to which these greenhouse gas pollution is spreading very fast in our atmosphere.

When these trees and plants are burnt, a lot of carbon dioxide is released from it. In this way, from the cutting of trees to their burning, we have been calling nothing but global warming by giving ourselves a feast.

Industrial Revolution

Today everyone studies and works hard to get a job, but the population of the world is so high and it is not possible for everyone to do a job. Yet there is no shortage of companies producing the products.

Today many companies have been formed to make every item. There is a very tight competition between many companies to make the same product. In this way, these companies consume a lot of energy in making such products and at the same time they also generate CO2.

Today there are electricity generation companies whose chimneys continuously produce CO2 and other poisonous gases.

Apart from this, some such substances are also made, during the production of which greenhouse gases are emitted. Due to which greenhouse gases are formed, they are all one of the reasons for global warming.

Traffic Pollution – Vehicles Gas Emission

A large number of vehicles are being manufactured in the automobile industry. We can see these 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers vehicles running on the roads today.

These vehicles emit smoke throughout the day on the roads, which spread a huge amount of pollution in the environment. The number of means of transport is increasing day by day, there is a competition among the people to buy new vehicles.

In this way, to go anywhere in human life today, we use only vehicles which run either on petrol or by diesel. In this way, we ourselves are the reason for the pollution of the environment spreading throughout the day, who have started using these vehicles so much.

Effects of Global Warming

Due to the global warming caused by the greenhouse effect, very bad consequences have started to be seen in our house. For the last few decades, the temperature of our earth has increased by 1 degree Celsius, since the industries have expanded.

Even though it takes a lot of work and small figures to see this, but even a small change in temperature becomes the cause of a big change in the climate.

Why there is not one but many reasons for increasing the temperature of the earth by 1 degree, and for this, a lot of energy is involved in increasing this small temperature figure. This energy only helps in increasing global warming.

So let us now see how global warming can have or have started affecting the earth, which we can feel from now on.

Rising Sea Level – Rising Ocean Level

The heat of the earth is increasing continuously. Due to this the ice on the glaciers has also started melting. Due to the melting of ice, it is getting into the sea and increasing its volume.

In this way, it is increasing the level of the sea. Due to which there is a danger of drowning of islands and cities at a level slightly below the sea level.
hot days

The routine that we go to our work and pass our time while working, we are also found talking to you about this that it is very hot today. The reason for this is that global warming has continuously made the earth so hot that the days are getting hotter.

Major changes on weather

Due to the greenhouse effect, the cycle of weather that we used to see earlier is completely out of balance today.

Earlier, when people used to plant crops for farming, they used to get rain at the right time and in this way farming also became good. But today the weather was no where.

When the rainy season comes, then there is severe heat and there is torrential rain in the winter season or in some year it does not appear to rain at all.

Problems in Farming

Due to the change in the weather, now the farmers have started changing their profession. Many have even given their knees in front of the weather.

We often see in the news that every year many farmers commit suicide due to lack of crops. Due to the abandonment of such farmers and the lack of rain during the time, there is a decrease in the cultivation done.

With less harvest, the supply of food will also become difficult.

Health issue to humans

Due to the warming of the earth, humans may have to face heat waves. Which can cause fever and even death. Especially those who are old are most at risk of it.

Due to high temperature and humidity, the chances of mosquito breeding increase, due to which the risk of mosquito-related diseases also increases.

In short

Global warming is affecting our lives a lot. Along with this, people are being made aware of this all over the world.

In today’s post, we have known what is global warming. How did you like this post and tell us by commenting. By the way, everyone should be aware of this and it should be understood for the whole world how big a loss is to cut a tree.

How is human life dependent on the environment and what is the role of trees and plants to maintain the balance of the climate.

I hope that you must have understood and liked this post meaning of global warming language.

Through this post we have known what is global warming and what are its causes. Also know what are the effects of global warming.

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