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What is email and how to send email?

Now almost everyone knows what an email is. Every day we use email in our work. Anyone who works in a computer, whether it is in a job or personal work, definitely use email in it. Email is needed by every person who uses Android smartphone because without email one cannot use Android smartphone. Email is most commonly used for sending official and personal messages. People who use email check their inbox throughout the day to see if any message has arrived.

Apart from this, people who have to apply for jobs also use email to send their resume. Just as we can talk to anyone on the phone through a mobile number, in the same way we can contact people by sending messages through email. It costs money to talk to a mobile number, but no matter what country you send the email to, you do not have to pay, it is absolutely free. In a way, understand that email is used the most on a professional level. Whenever you work in a company, the company gives you an email ID with the domain of your name. Now you must have got some idea what is the meaning of email. If you still have not understood, then it does not matter, now we will know in detail what is email.

What is email?

The full form of Email is Electronic mail. Just as we send a letter through the post, in the same way, email is also a modern form of sending a letter. It is used almost everywhere whether it is home, office, school, college, court, industry, bank or any government or private office. Email is a kind of digital letter which we send to our friends, relatives or for official work. Using this medium, we can also send text, images, files and many other types of documents. One advantage of this is that with this we can send messages to many email addresses at once.

Friends, talk about a few years ago when mobile and computer were not used so much. At that time people used to use letters to talk to each other. To send the letter, the address was written in the paper by writing a message with a pen. After that it was posted by going to the post office and stamped. It used to take a few days, then he used to reach his sent address, but now email has been replaced by this, but in this computer and mobile have taken the place of pen and paper, we use our keyboard to type the message and long Instead of writing a wide address, you just have to enter an email address, it takes just one click and our email reaches our address. This is the most important thing about this that it would take several days for a normal letter to reach but it takes just a few seconds to go to the email.

Email client is used to send email. In which we take the first part of our own free will and after that @ (at the rate) is applied, after that the domain name of the email service provider company is. For example you can see here.

Friends, now you must have understood what email is, but to use its facility, an email address is necessary. Without this we cannot send email because we will not know where to send the message. Just as an address is needed to send a letter and a mobile number is necessary to talk on the phone, in the same way, an address is needed to send an email, which is called an email id. Let us also understand what is email ID.

What is Email ID?

Friends, every person’s name is different. Everyone gets a different identity because of the name. When a person has to contact another person, the name and address of that person is required. So that when we send our message by writing, then the exact same person gets it. Just like this, email id is used to send and receive messages in the Internet world.

We can use any email service provider company to create Email Id. Creating an email id in these is absolutely free, no charge has to be paid for it. The most used companies in these are Google’s gmail, yahoo, hotmail, rediffmail. When we create an email id, our name in it and the address of the company that created it is exactly like our name and address in the form of domain name. [email protected]

History of Email

Till now we have come to know that electronic mail is such a facility in which we can send message to each other by using electronic device. But do you know who invented email and when? It was invented by Ray Tomlinson on 8 June 1971 and developed electronic mail as a network email system of ARPANET. And the first message was sent from one system to another within this network. It was just sent as a test message and nothing special in it was just the first line of the keyboard’s alphabets “QWERTYUIOP”. Meanwhile, he also used @ so that every address can be denoted.

Today we can send email anytime, for this the receiver does not need to be online. But in the initial phase it used to work like an instant messaging service i.e. people on both sides had to be online. Only then could the message be sent. But today it is not so because the reason for this is that due to the facility of email storage, the sent mail gets saved. Which we can read open anytime.

Interesting facts about email

  1. In today’s time, about 205 billion emails are sent every day. But it has been estimated that in 2019 this figure will be 246 billion.
  2. It is seen that when people create an email id, the most common password is 123456 or their mobile number. People have no interest in this.
  3. Do you already know where did the word SPAM come from? So let me tell that it started in the 1980s when someone who used to have abusive behavior in the online chatroom was called by this name.
  4. @ sign is called “commat” in Morse code, whose full name is commercial at. Before 2004, there was no character for @ in Morse code. This is the only change made in the official Morse code after World War 1.
  5. That was the year 1991 when email was sent from space for the first time. The crew members of the STS-Atlantis shuttle aircraft sent messages using the Apple company’s Applink’s software.
  6. According to Email Marketing Studies, Tuesday is the best day on which important mails are sent.It has been estimated that by 2019 the number of email users will be 2.9 billion.

Basic information of email

Here we will talk about some basic functions of email.

Compose a mail: Whenever we have to send a message, first of all we login and our first task is to write the message, for this we go to Compose. After this, we type your entire message there and write it.

Sending mail: Once we finish writing, then we enter the address of the next in the recipients and send it. In this way our email goes to that person.

Email Transport: Servers are used to send messages from sender to receiver, which are called mail servers. SMTP protocol is used to send email. And POP uses IMAP as a server.

Receiving the mail: Whenever we get a new mail, we have to go to our inbox and then we can open it and read it. Apart from messages, we can also receive our mail files, documents and photos.

How to write and send email?

If you work in an office, you must have received a lot of mail every day. But if you are new in this matter and have just created a new email ID, then it is important to know how to send a good mail by writing it. To apply for a job after studies, people also have to mail their resume, for this it is very important to write a good mail so that the company gets attracted by reading the mail. A good mail can do many things for you and bad mail can spoil your work. So let’s know how to write a good email and also know how to send email?

To ( Add Receipeints)

When we go to write a new message, the first box we have is To, that is, we have to enter the email address in which we want to send mail.

Apart from this, there is also the option of CC “Carbon Copy”, which means sending a copy of the mail to those users to whom they do not send mail directly, but in addition to the main address, a copy of the mail goes to them. This is not a CC cumpolsory, but we use it when needed. The people put in the CC address get to know that this mail has been sent to whom and to whom other than them.

Usage : often it is used in big companies and industries. When a manager mails the Plant Head of the company, he puts the mail address of the Plant Head in To, the mail addresses of 2 -3 people are entered in the CC like General Manager, Assistant General Manager.

After this there is a filed of BCC “Blind Carbon Copy” which means the recipients to whom we send mail but from whom the information of the mail is kept secret. That is, the people of BCC do not know that to whom other than them this mail has been sent.


What is the subject of your mail? This is a very important part of any mail because it is known that what the mail is about. In your Subject, you have to write about the subject of the mail in such a way that the reader of the mail can understand at once and must read it after opening the mail.

When sending a resume to apply for a job, then the subject is a very important part because there are many people other than you who send mail to you, then the subject is the only way by which you can impress the company. So definitely enter your job profile in it.

Message Body

After the subject, it comes to the content in which we type and write our entire message. If you want, you can also add a signature which will always come automatically whenever you start writing mail. It is on the left side at the very end.


Here after writing the message content, the signature is like this.



After this, just verify your mail and send it. So friends, now you must have understood how to write and send emails. You can prepare a better mail by following this and send it.

In short

This is a necessity that we use almost everywhere in the Internet. No matter which website you go to, go to the forum, a mail address is required to register everywhere. I hope you have liked this article What is Email. By the way, without this we cannot fully access even today’s smartphones. In this way it is very important for us, you must have understood it.

We also went through this post about how to write and send email. Friends, now you can send a good mail by yourself. If you liked this post, then do share it.

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