What is Domain? Top DNS Provider Companies

We can also call the domain name as the name of the website. Although every website technically runs on IP address, but it is difficult to remember. We use a domain name so that the website can be easily recognized.

Computers use IP addresses to connect and open every website. It is just a series of numbers. This is used for different domain name extensions for example .com, .net, .in, .org, .gov etc.

Before creating a website, it is important to know What is Domain Name. You must have seen in the Internet that every website has a domain name. Which makes it a different identity in the world of internet. But what happens?

I also have some friends who are not aware of blogging at all. But they know that if a website has to be made, then first of all they have to think carefully and buy a name.

Even though it is not known what a domain name is and how it works. So let me tell you about it in simple language and I will also tell you why it is needed to make a website.

With this, you will also know how many types of domain name. So without delay, let’s start the complete information.

What is Domain?

Domain Name is an identity of a website in the Internet.

DNS (Domain Naming System) or Domain Name is a system that names websites.

People recognize every website by its name. By the way, every website is associated with an IP address (Internet Protocol Address).

This is in the form of IP address numbers as you can see in this example. ex: ( This is how to see the IP address.

When opening a website in a browser, the IP address associated with this name tells the browser where that website’s address is.

Let me explain you DNS with an example.

The way humans are of different types in the world and we use one name to identify them.

Imagine how difficult it would have been if there was no name. Just as names are used to identify a person, similarly websites are also of different types and of different topics.

They are also identified by their domain name.

What is inverse domain?

Inverse domain is used to map any address to a name.

This can happen, for example, when there is a server. Received a request from a client to do a job.

This type of query is called an inverse or pointer (PTR) query. To handle a pointer query, the inverse domain is added to the namespace along with the first-level node.

The second level is also a single node named add-inner (for inverse address). The rest of the domain defines the IP address.

Definition of Domain Name System (DNS)

The full form of DNS is Domain Name System.

Its main job is to convert DNS to IP address.

We open any website with its domain name. For this, by going to the web browser, we just have to enter the domain name in the address bar.

Now DNS starts its work from here.

DNS converts the name to the IP address that is pointed to its server.

Now because of DNS, the pointed IP address fetches all the data from that server and shows us through the webpage in the browser.

The most important thing here is that we cannot keep the IP address of every website in the world by remembering it.

Or simply say that if we remember the IP address of any one website, then it is a big deal.

The name is used so that this IP address does not have to be remembered.

What is URL (Uniform Resource Locator)

When we open the website by entering the address bar inside the browser, sometimes the address bar gets filled up completely and it takes a long time to see.

In this, this entire line is called URL, the URL can also be very long. – ( This is called URL)

The small part of this entire line, which is the name of the website, is the domain.

Name is addressed to DNS in technical language, whose full form is DNS.

How does Domain Name work?

Just like we use phone memory or memory card, SD card to store songs and videos in our mobile phone.

In the same way, all the websites in the Internet are stored in the website server or host and the name is pointed to that hosting server IP.

When we go to the browser and enter the name of the website in its address bar, then the name which is associated with an IP address.

It points to the IP of the DNS host server and the website named after that DNS name that we want to open.

Shows all its data from the server to us and in this way we are able to see a website in the browser.

Why is a domain name used for an IP address?

Let us understand why DNS name is used for IP address.

This name represents the IP address, site names are used to identify one or more IP (Internet protocol).

Every DNS is connected to an IP address. It must be going on in your mind that why is the name used for IP address?

So the answer is that we cannot remember the IP address because these numbers are in digits.

The site name is easy to remember and we can select it according to our topic.

Which can well explain the niche of the website. DNS translates IP addresses in a way that converts numbers into words.

The IP address which is in the number tells the address of the website stored in the server where it is present.

Types of domain

Usually there are many types of this but we will talk about the ones which are commonly used here.

How to choose a domain name that is beneficial for the website and is perfect in every way according to Google.

We will understand this a little deeply.

TLD – Top Level Domain

They are of the highest level, they come in the highest level in the DNS structure.

There are many benefits of this type of domain, we create the website because more and more people connected to our website and read the article of our website, the more traffic the more money will come.

Due to TLD, our website gets high rank in search engine and we get approval of Google Adsense very soon.

I got the approval of Adsense after a month of making my website in this website.

See some examples of TLD extensions below.

  • .com (Highest rank domain)
  • .edu (education related)
  • .net (Network related )
  • .org(Organization related website )
  • .biz (Business related)
  • .org(Organization related)
  • .gov(Governmental related)

TLDs are also divided into several parts.

GTLD – Generic TLD


  • .com
  • .net
  • .biz
  • .org
  • .gov

CCTLD – Country Code TLD

2 letter site name has been established to denote the location of each country like .in is used for our country India.

Which represents India.
.ru – This denotes Russia.

Second Level Domain

It comes after TLD. The extension of the second level name is slightly different from TLD.

Example: You must have seen this type of TLD, it contains .co SLD and .in is TLD.

Third Level Domain

The one before the dot in the left of Second Level is called Third Level.

If it increases further in the left side then it will be called continue fourth and fifth stage.

Sub domain

It is just a small part of a larger TLD.


When we create a free website in Blogger, we get our site name as a subdomain in it.

Our website is made in Blogger’s main site name like I have a website.

Here wtechni will be called subdomain and will be dns. Google maintains its different services as a subdomain by connecting it to the domain.

As we can understand from this example here. is here for maps and mail is the subdomain.

Top DNS Provider Companies

Do you want to create your own blog?

Or you want to make a website for one of your business.

So you too can buy a domain for yourself.

I will tell you the names of some DNS service provider companies from where you can buy the same domain as you present the business for yourself.

You can choose any one from the list of companies given below.

By registering there and creating an account, you can start a website by registering your domain name.

  1. GoDaddy
  2. Namecheap
  3. BigRock
  4. Net4 India
  5. Square Brothers
  6. India Links
  7. 1and1
  8. znetlive

In short

It plays an important role in building a website. Now you must have understood this thing very well.

Friends, I hope that now you have understood that What is Domain and also information from it.

If you want to get all the information related to the Internet in simple language, then help this blog to move forward.

Whatever post you like, do share it on social media. Here you will also know what is inverse domain.

Apart from this, you also know what its type is.

We will continue to try to give every information to all our readers in a better way.

If you have any suggestion, then do let me know.

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