What is barcode and How to create barcode?

You must have heard the name barcode, that is why in today’s post we will know what is barcode What is Barcode and how to create barcode? Because this bar code is such a name that today every product that comes to our house like soap, cream, oil, biscuits is there on all. For example, if you have ever gone shopping in a mall, then you must have seen that when we buy a product and when we pay for it..

So the worker present in the mall scans the bar code present on that product. But now a question comes in my mind. What is a bar code after all? Or what is there in it, so that the price of that product is known. When anyone buys a product, then such questions related to the bar definitely come. And also try to know about it, but it is difficult to get such information today.

If you are reading this post by searching for bar code on this google, then you will also have many questions related to bar code in your mind and want to know about them. So come on you don’t need to worry at all. Because in today’s article, you are going to get the answer of every question related to bar code. You just have to read this article carefully to get more information about this topic. So that you can get every information related to bar code in this article. So let’s know about it in detail.

What is Barcode?

Bar code is one such format of print number and line on the back of any product. With the help of which important information related to that product like quantity, price of the product is extracted.

Bar codes are mainly used in business today. It is completely made with the use of technology. Which looks very small. But let us tell you that 95 lines of Black and White color are present in this small bar code. Which is divided into different ports.

Scanner is used to understand or read these black and white lines, hence barcode is also called price scanner.

How does barcode work?

The machine is used to read and understand the barcode. There is a kind of light in that machine. Which scans the given line in the bar and finds out the exact quantity, price information of that product.

Talking about how this system works, then as we told you above that 95 lines of black, and white color in the barcode are present in some number like 980 38 in such a way which are present in different columns which have their own have different meanings.

Now when this barcode is scanned. So when there is no light on scanning by bar machine, it means machine is scanning the first column of barcode.

It means when the machine burns on scanning the barcode. That the machine is reading the second 0 of the barcode, and 0 in any product means what type of product it is, what is its quantity. And this is how bar codes work.

Friends, for your important information, let us tell you that the number written in each barcode has its own meaning, which shows the correct information of the product.

History of barcodes?

This structure is a way to store the information of a product, in which all the information related to that product is stored like which company made it and what is its value. can be read with help.

It was invented by Norman Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silver in America in 1951. Earlier it was based in Morse code, it took 20 years for this invention to become commercially successful.

The first to succeed was in 1960 the General Telephone and Electronics (GTE) car track built by ACI.

The barcode was used by an American company named Association of American Railroads in cars to store the name of the owner, model number and car number of the car. This feature became successful with commercial money then.

When it was used in super market automatic checkout, after that it was used in many other tasks such as “Automatic Identification and Data Capture” and “Universal Product Code”. The barcode was scanned for the first time on 26 June 1974.

How to make barcode?

Friends, if you have a shop, or you have a business. And for that you want to make barracks. So for this you do not need to worry at all, because creating a barcode is quite easy.

Meaning that there are many online options for this from where you can create barcodes for free. Now for how to make it, we have told step by step below, by following which you can make a shape for scanning very easily.

For this, I will tell you every step, you keep following that step and you can create your own barcode.

• To create this, you must first visit the official website of making barcode
• After visiting this website, you will get the option of Online Barcode Generator.
• There will be options under it such as Linear Codes, Postal codes, 2D codes, Banking and Payments Codes, there will be such options, select the work for which you want to create the structure.
• Whatever option comes, fill it with correct information and submit and click on generate code.
• After that you can download your generated structure.

What is the type of barcode?

Now the question comes in the mind that after all, how many types are there, so let’s know about them in a little detail.

There are mainly two types of this which are as follows.

  • Linear or 1D
  • QR (Quick Response) code or 2D

Linear or 1D

Linear or 1D has to be made on its usual household products like soap, cream, oil, pen etc. Whereas QR (Quick Response) code or 2D is used in applications like PAYTM.

QR (Quick Response) code or 2D

2D can store more data than 1D and 2D is more useful. Because 2D is faster than linear and even if any part of 2D is damaged, it can still be scanned but it does not happen in linear or 1D.

Uses and benefits of barcodes?

If you are fond of shopping then almost you will know about its benefits. Almost everyone knows how, through this, any product price, quantity is taken out in a short time, but barcode has many other advantages. About which you can read below-

  • This saves time during payment while purchasing the product.
  • By using this, the mistake made during payment can be prevented.
  • Barcode tells the price of a product which has been fixed by the company making it, no other person can change it, then the buyer of the product has to pay only its actual price.
  • Only one person can pay for many goods, so there is no need to keep more people at the shop for payment.
  • There is no mistake in reading the price of the product.
  • Product information can be stored very quickly.

Disadvantages of barcodes?

Friends, we all know that wherever anything is beneficial. At the same time, somewhere it also has its disadvantages. In the same way, this feature does not have as many advantages as it has disadvantages – which are as follows.

• A barcode reader is needed to read this figure, without this we cannot read the barcode.
• If the structure is damaged or is not visible properly on which it is built, then the barcode reader cannot read it.
• It cannot be updated, which means once the price of a product is stored in the barcode, it cannot be changed.
• If the system fails while reading the code, then the entire list fails and all the products have to be scanned again.
• To store the data in this it is necessary to code the data.

Importance of barcode?

What would be the importance of this, you can read them here.

  • With its help, it helps to understand the products such as which product belongs to which company and what is its price and information about the products and company is available.
  • With the help of this, we do not have to remember the value of things because all the information about that product is already stored in the barcode.
  • With the help of this, there is no mistake in the price of the products and time is also saved.

In short

Barcodes have in a way become an important part of our lives today. Because today, if we buy and bring anything that is used daily in our house, then the use of barcode is definitely available there. But till now people were unaware of more information about barcode.

That’s why we have discussed in this article today What is Barcode? and how to create it? We have already told you about this, which is very important for all of you.

Apart from this, today we have learned about its features, advantages, disadvantages in detail. I hope that you have found the above information useful and if you have not understood anything in this article, then you can ask us by commenting.

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